My Mission

My name is Guillermo Diaz, and I am running to be your state representative for house district one in southwest Denver. I am a first-generation American and I am running to fight for public safety and clean up our streets, to validate parents’ rights in schools, lower the cost of living and ease the taxpayer burden. I grew up believing in the American dream and loving the Colorado way of life, but both are quickly disappearing under the current leadership.

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About Guillermo

Guillermo’s parents immigrated to this country from Mexico in search of the American dream – a dream that was realized after 40 years of hard work. Life as immigrants was difficult and money was scarce, yet his family’s determination, perseverance, and work ethic left an impression on Guillermo that motivates him to run for office and help people in this city. 

He lives in SW Denver, house district #1, raising 3 children, and working in the family business.  He understands hard work and overcoming adversity; he has a deep understanding of the daily challenges people face trying to make a living in this place we call home.

His life experiences make him uniquely qualified to represent hard working families in Colorado. He will fight to keep our state affordable and to ensure that they feel safe. Guillermo will work tirelessly to support families in Denver.


Major Issues Facing CO House District 1

cost of living

Living Cost

We have been seeing the cost of living rise dramatically in the last two years as a result of the economic shutdowns, and what seems to be intentionally bad policy. I will vote for policies that are focused on lower costs

Crime Scene Tape


The rising crime rates need to be addressed to keep our community streets safe for our families. I support law enforcement efforts in keeping our community safe.

Kids in the classroom


Parents need to have their voices heard when it comes to the curriculum that our schools are teaching to our children. I will also fight for school choice.

Tax Documents


Our Colorado TABOR taxpayer's bill of rights needs protection. I believe in keeping our government accountable for their spending with a focus on keeping our taxes low.

I am a proud part of the commitment to Colorado! Learn more below.

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